Tuneteams Helps Indie Artists, Labels Find Licensing Deals

Having a hard time locating and negotiating licensing and publishing deals? A new company known as Tuneteams is working to streamline this process by connecting music companies with new music available for license.
Tuneteams helps music companies find and negotiate recording license and sub-publishing deals. tuneteams is an online B2B marketplace with the mission to help music companies build international businesses and to find new music available for license. Submitting music to tuneteams is free. tuneteams takes a commission (7%) on a deal’s advance payment only if you find a deal. Check out the music already available for license: https://tuneteams.com/auctions Then request an invite to submit your music for review by potential international partners or send your questions to Ian at ian@tuneteams.com.
1Search for Auctions by Name, Country, Genre and Rights Type

Auction Pages Allow Users To Listen To Music and Review Proposed Deal Terms

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