Point Blank Tutorial: Mixing and Mastering with Stems (FFL!)

In Point Blank’s latest tutorial they take a look at mixing and mastering stems…

In the age of DAWs, we have unlimited options. Tracks, plugins, edits and versions are almost unlimited. While we hail the progression of technology, from a creative perspective, unlimited options can yield limited inspiration. For Point Blank’s most recent Friday Forum Live, they looked at mixing and mastering stems.
Stems are a collection of tracks, summed into one audio file, usually grouped by type – drums, vocals, guitars, etc. It’s often the case that mix engineers will be sent stems from a client, but you can also bounce stems in your own projects to limit your options and explore more creative techniques. Point Blank’s sound engineering instructor Justin Lyndley (Bloc Party, Amon Tobin, INXS) took the helm to show you his insider techniques and answer your questions.
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