Do you want to become the Batman of EQ? Audio Issues by Björgvin Benediktsson

My favorite comic book character growing up was Spiderman.
Actually scratch that, the Batman animated series was the thing that introduced me to superheroes but then Spiderman took over.
Because he was down to earth, had normal problems and was young and neurotic (like I was/am…)
And funnily enough, I just found out that Spiderman’s first appearance was on August 10th, 1962 so he shares my birthday which oddly makes sense somehow.
However, lately most of my comic purchases are Batman related.
Man I friggin’ love Batman.
If you look past the whole “I have limitless money to buy gear with” he’s really a self-made hero.
Especially when it comes to his skills.
He can’t just buy his League of Assassins ninja skills. He has to work on them.
In the books sometimes it’s hinted that he literally knows every single street in Gotham and knows exactly what’s going on at all times.
They call it watching the city breathe or something like that.
To me that sounds insane because that means he’s memorized every single thing about Gotham.
From the general traffic routes to the location of every single trash can…
Imagine being trained as Robin when all you do is sit on a rooftop and look at a city all night.
No wonder Robins burn out and go do other things. (In case you didn’t know there have been 4 Robins, 5 if you count Carrie but she’s not really a part of the continuity).
But anyway, think about knowing every single thing about every street in a large city.
That’s like knowing how every single frequency reacts to every single instrument.
Which is a bit of a stretch but it’ll take a little time.
The frequency spectrum lives and breathes audio and every part of it is different.
But you can easily understand how it works if you analyze and memorize it.
Especially if you memorize my breakdown of the frequency spectrum inside EQ Strategies.
It’s kind of like a map of the city where you can find where the muddiness lives, where boxiness breathes and where to cut and boost to make certain frequency areas a better place.
Then when you’ve referred to my map multiple times you’ll start to know exactly where each frequency lives and behaves.
That’s probably as close as I can get you to becoming Batman.
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Image by: brdonovan
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