Beats Dissected - Diverse Drum Beat Tutorials from Attack Magazine

beats dissected dmz.png
Above: "Mystik Dubstep" pattern from Beats Dissected
Behind each specific microgenre of electronic dance music is a core style of drum beat. Whether it's the four-to-the-floor thud of a 909-style kick drum in hard techno, or the ghostly hi-hats and tambourines that fill out a dubstep classic, each style favors its own rhythmic nuances.
In a tutorial series, "Beats Dissected", the sharp minds at Attack Magazine have looked at a series of characteristic drum patterns, with step-by-step instructions on how to construct them in Live. With microgenres as specific as "Upbeat Chillwave", "Found Sound 2-Step", and "Maniac Ghetto House", chances are there's a new beat (and associated microgenre) for you to learn.

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