We Encourage All Pro Tools Users To Attend The Avid Q&A Session

There are often complaints by Pro Tools users that Avid are poor at communicating, make no attempt to explain things to the user and do not listen.
Some of those complaints may well be true, however when Avid make an attempt to address some of these concerns we think that users should take advantage of the opportunity.
Avid have a lot of work to do to build bridges, but if we ignore them when they attempt then little progress will be made; therefore we encourage all users to attend the upcoming Pro Tools 12 Live Webinar With Q&A On August 5th 2015.
We've not been asked to say this by Avid, we simply want to commend the initiative and support it as best we can.
In the same spirit we ask Avid to be open to the questions raised (good and bad) and not be heavy handed in their moderation of both questions and comments during the session - you have an opportunity to create some goodwill, if there is even a sense of it being stage managed then it will do more harm than good.
Bridge started.
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