Sonic LAB: UAD Console 2.0 - A Users Perspective (video)

Just prior to Musik Messe this year, Universal Audio not only updated their range of DSP loaded hardware interfaces with the Apollo Expanded, but a new UAD Software version introduced an all new Console for controlling the Apollo Devices. These units not only allow you to offload processing for plug-in heavy lifting, but also to process real-time inputs with UA plug-ins too.
We shot a first look at this with UAD just before NAMM you can view that here. Our resident UAD Apollo user Tosh from Wij Productions, takes a look at Console 2.0 from a user perspective here.
Console 2.0 is part of the UAD 8.0 update and introduces a number of new features:

  • Simple Thunderbolt cable cascading between units
  • Powerful new Flex Driver allowing users to configure Core Audio I/O - name, save, and share presets for different hardware setups and DAWs
  • Star clocking over Thunderbolt, distributing high-quality clock to all Apollos
  • The ability to add an Apollo Twin for desktop monitor control as well as additional DSP and connectivity
  • New high-resolution / Retina-compatible 64-bit software interface for Apollo Thunderbolt systems
  • Channel Strip presets let you see your signal chain in one window - save and recall your favorite UAD plug-ins
  • Monitoring improvements including ALT Monitors, Control Room, and CUE/HP management
  • Over 25 user-requested features, including:
  • Plug-in categories and individual Show/Hide
  • Drag + Drop plug-ins for quick assignment
  • New plug-in preset auditioning
  • Per-channel Rec/Mon effects switches
  • Multi-level Undo and Redo
  • Dynamically resizable, independent windows
  • Show/Hide channel strips, devices, and more

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