Plug-ins I Love - The Supersonic EQ

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If you missed the earlier parts of this new series then to reiterate. 
In this series I'm going to share the plug-ins I JUST LOVE. Some of them are going to be popular, some not so. Some plug-ins do amazingly complex things whilst other very simple things. These are the plug-ins that you will almost always found sat on my mix somewhere because when I'm mixing I think  'I know what is going to help that' or in some cases rescue it!
I'm going to choose a different type of plug-in for each post and I hope you will also suggest a similar plug-in that you use for the same job. What I hope we achieve with this series is sharing of our favourite plug-ins.
I'm not expecting you to agree with my choices, or to go out and buy every plug-in I talk about. You may want to try them, but like me you may already have a plug-in that's a faithful friend to you, if that's the case then keep on using it.
As I say what I hope the articles and the comments do is point all of us to some real gems that we may never have tried. Enjoy!

The Maag EQ4

The Maag Audio EQ4’s unique design allows for exceptionally low phase shift across all EQ adjustments, which helps maintain the integrity of your mix’s original sound while enhancing the “Airy” frequencies. The AIR BAND® interacts with the 5 band pass EQs to tonally sculpt your tracks from top to bottom with unrivaled transparency and top end presence.

The Maag Audio EQ4 is a musical EQ, not a surgical EQ, making it ideal for sweetening tracks. Add it to your vocal tracks to hear why top audio engineers who have access to every EQ ever made demand the EQ4 for vocals.

The plugin version also includes the new LEVEL TRIM feature, which can be used to turn down the overall gain if needed. Detent controls allow for easily recallable settings, and you can ALT/click to toggle between a reset for each band and the last status, which lets you easily bypass individual bands. 
  • The EQ4’s legendary AIR BAND™
  • Boost only shelf at 2.5 kHz, 5 kHz, 10 kHz, 20 kHz, or 40 kHz.
  • 2.5 kHz Fixed boost and cut shelf
  • 650 Hz Fixed boost and cut bell
  • 160 Hz Fixed boost and cut bell
  • 40 Hz Fixed boost and cut bell
  • SUB (10 Hz) Fixed boost and cut bell
  • PEAK indicator light
  • SIGNAL indicator light
  • EQ IN/OUT button
  • Detent controls for quickly recalling settings

Why The Maag EQ4?

Perhaps the least surprising of all the plug-ins to make it into my Hall of Love, the Maag EQ4.
It comes in a number of formats AAX Native and AAX DSP and also on the UAD platform.
It is for me the closest thing I've found to using a real analogue console, using it is a dream with the EQ responding to even the smallest nudge and so musical! Sweet, creamy, airy, gutsy are all words that I could use to describe it and why you'll find this EQ all over my mixes.
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