Watch Vocal Mixing Master Class From John Perry Using iZotope Nectar

Watch Vocal Mixing Master Class From John Perry Using iZotope Nectar

Check out his series of 8 videos in which John Perry shares his tips and experience as a vocalist and working with iZotope Nectar, their dedicated vocal production suite. If you like it then you can get Nectar 2 Production Suite for $199 instead of the regular price of $299. Perfecting a vocal doesn't have to be complicated. Nectar puts everything you need in one integrated plug-in, with a wide range of intelligent features for both vocal correction and vocal creativity.

1. Vocal Recording Tips

In the first video John shares five important tips for getting a good vocal sound and performance when recording. 

2. Working with Presets

Take a look and a listen, and learn how you can get great vocal sounds by exploring and tweaking the extensive preset library found in Nectar and Nectar Elements.

3. Tuning and Pitch Correcting Vocals

Learn about everything from automatic pitch correction to advanced manual techniques using the advanced Nectar Pitch Correction module and breakout editing workflow.

4. Thickening Vocals with Doubling Effects

Get some tips on using the Doubler in iZotope Nectar to thicken, widen and add power and presence to a both a lead vocal and a group backing vocal.

5. Shaping Vocals with EQ

Learn how to shape a good vocal sound, using the EQ in iZotope Nectar.

6. Warming a Vocal with Compression

Learn a variety of ways to warm and smooth a vocal sound, using the different Vintage, Optical, Digital and parallel compressors found in iZotope's Nectar.

7. Cleaning Vocals with De-Esser and Breath Control 

De-Essing and Breath Control made simple, for the ultimate in clean and tidy vocal recordings.

8. Using Vintage Reverbs and Delays on Vocals

Get some tips on tricks on different ways to utilize vintage plate reverbs and analog-style delay lines for a great vocal sound.

Save $100 on Nectar 2 Production Suite

If you have liked what John has achieved with Nectar then until June 25th you can getNectar 2 Production Suite for $199 instead of the regular price of $299
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