5 Habits Of A Pro Tools Ninja

5 Habits Of A Pro Tools Ninja
Using Pro Tools is one thing, but being a Pro Tools Ninja is a different matter. If you know the dark arts and can throw seven different kinds of smoke, then you’re close to being a Ninja. If you are missing any of these then don’t turn your back in a session, it could be the last one you do!

Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn your keyboard shortcuts - the mouse is a waste of time, Ninja cut with the keyboard. If you don’t know the shortcuts then go to the help menu and there’s a reference guide in PDF format. Even better there’s this killer site for Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts here

Tab To Transient

Tab to transients is a must - it helps you get along the audio in record time none of this mouse on the timeline rubbish, damage your wrist doing something more useful. More on using the Tab to Transient feature can be found here

Location, Location, Location

Start marking locations - ever wondered where you are in a song? Wise up and start using markers in your sessions, it’s as easy as hitting the enter key! Find out how to use Pro Tools Memory Locations here

Window Configurations

The can really streamline your workflow and are incredibly powerful. You can learn more about Window Configurations here.

Time To Clean Up Your Act

Organise your samples and your presets. Are you still trying to figure out how you got that cool bass sound last time? Use a preset and stop trying to guess. Get your sounds and samples organised, if there’s stuff you haven’t used since the start of time, then create a folder called ‘Stuff I might use one day’ and drop all of that crap in there.
If you are short on any of these, then you need to wise up before another Ninja takes care of your business.

Share Your Secrets

Any other Pro Tools Ninjas out there care to share some secrets?

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