4 types of videos that musicians can make today

4 types of videos that musicians can make today
We all know how popular Youtube is but when it comes to music, there are still lots of musicians who still don’t know how to deal with it. Most of them can’t shoot official videos to each song of the album and post it every week. So… you have nothing to show, right? Well, it’s not true. There’re at least 4 types of videos strictly connected to your music and guess what? You can make it Today!
1. Audio Video. Sometimes lyrics video can be a little tricky to make but audio video is really simple. Just prepare your cover of photo and add the song. Easy, egh? Here’s a really good example from Fall Out Boy: 
2. Video from rehearsal. If you’re going on a rehearsal today, don’t forget to make a small video. Fans would love to see your routine and hear a small piece of new song or new version of the old one. Check out Linkin Park rehearsal:
3. Q&A session. If your fans wanted to ask you something for a long time, don’t hesitate! Make a video response to the most interesting questions and keep it on a weekly basis. It’s a great way to communicate! Inspire with Q&A made by Jessie J: 
4. Video blog. Another way to share latest news with your fans is to shoot a video blog. Some say that it’s too hard, but try to do it in your own way.  You can just tell in a few minutes about your plans and current tasks, any changes from your side, etc. See how Kimbra shared her experience on a trip to Ethiopia. 
This post is made by Dartsya Tarkovska, CEO Soundbuzz. 
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